How to Use Humor in Your Wedding Speech

It is the happiest day of your or your friend’s life, you are seated in front of a hundred guests. Each is gathered for the wedding. Of course, the part you dread is coming up, the speech. Don’t panic, get up there and give your lines. Use a little humor to break in the ice. Humor, when used properly can be a good way to open up to the audience.Knowing when and what jokes to use can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help keep your jokes and your speech on track. First thing is to consider the audience. Make sure if you tell a joke that the audience will actually understand, and above all else, not get offended. If you know that the joke will go over well, by all means use it. That brings up the second point, the humor has to be relevant.Make sure that the joke pertains to the bride or groom, and the wedding. Bringing in a joke from left field will not go over well. If the joke does address the bride and groom make it tasteful. It is there day in the spotlight. The spotlight is not a roast. Keep in mind the things that you have private jokes about may potentially embarrass them in front of other friends or family.The what is very important, the when is almost as important. Pick the key parts in the speech to have humor. A bunch of mediocre jokes will make the entire speech come across as corny. Two or three good humor points is all you really need. Make sure these areas are polished, with a good wit and personal. If you are having trouble finding inspiration, borrow from personal experience or from a comedy show. Remember, if you use personal stories, a bit of embellishment is okay. So, get up there and knock ‘em down, this is a happy occasion.

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